About the Association
Natural energy - the wind power generation is in the center of it.
Main task

Company Members’ Cooperative Project

Regular board meeting of the Association & regular general meeting (March every year)
>> Report of business performance and settlement of accounts of previous year and discussion of operation plan of the Association of this year
>>  Provision of networking opportunities to the company members of the Association

Holding the Global Wind Day event (around June 15, every year)
>> Commemorating of the Global Wind Day and holding an industry status presentation and a seminar for company member networking

 Homin Ki Woo-bong Wind Power Award (at the Global Wind Day event)
>> With the desire of the deceased Dr. Ki Woo-bong, we discover and select a person who has accomplished and contributed to development and expansion of the domestic wind power industry, and award Ki Woo-bong Wind Power Award. This aims to promote morale and encourage self-esteem of the manpower in the wind power industry and contribute to revitalization of the wind power industry.
>>  A plaque and prize money is awarded to selected winners through holding the selection committee.

 Promotion of the regular meeting between the association and the government
>>  We deliver the difficulties of the company members of the association and seek the solution through strengthening the suggestion function to the government